Give away Exceptional Mom & baby twinning set

Give away Exceptional Mom & Baby Twinning Set

Win an Exceptional Mom & Baby Twinning Set!

We have a nice giveaway! You now have a chance to win the Exceptional Mom & Baby Twinning Set. A nice outfit to wear for when you go out with your prince or princess. Surprise a girlfriend, sister, sister-in-law or colleague who is becoming a mother or has just given birth! The Exceptional Mom & Baby Twinning Set is also nice to give as a maternity gift.

Winactie Exceptional Mom & Baby set   

The Exceptional Mom & Baby twinning set is available in the shop and can be ordered here for €29.95. But how great would it be if you win this beautiful set!


Do you want to win this beautiful set? Then join quickly! How?

Winactie Exceptional Mom & Baby Twinning Set


Do you want to win this adorable set? Then join quickly! How?
1. Leave a 💜 below this Instagram post. It’s also nice if you let me know why you want to win this twinning set.

2. Follow @bebaby_nl on Instagram if you want to.

3. Another option: tag someone who would also like to participate in this giveaway.


Conditions of the giveaway:

  • the give away is from the 5th of april 2021 until april the 11th 2021.
  • anyone can participate in the give away.
  • how does it work? Let us know in the comments under this Instagram post why you want to win this prize.
  • after the 11th of april 2021 we will draw and announce the winner. Just keep an eye on our Instagram account.
  • the winner will be contacted personally.
  • the winner will have 24 hours to claim his or her prize.
  • the prizes consist of the above products and cannot be exchanged for anything else or money. 
  • responses are public and can be read and seen by everyone.
  • this promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, organized or associated with Instagram and / or other social media used in this giveaway


Do you want to surprise someone?

If you win the set and you want to surprise someone with it? Then I can help you to complete the surprise. Because with the Be Baby gift service, your gift will be festively wrapped and sent to the desired address. You don’t have to worry about anything and everything will be arranged for you. How nice is that!

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